Born under a double rainbow the day a bright new star appeared in the sky, Brian quickly learned to walk after just 3 weeks, and talk at 8 weeks old. While in University, he authored over 1,500 books in a 3-year window, including 6 full operas.

In 2010, he conquered what many consider to be mankind’s most difficult challenge: forming Dual Brain, a digital services company focusing on creative and functional web, mobile and application development, which caters to advertising and media agencies. In 2013, he married Kelly, after rescuing her from a castle tower guarded by a ferocious hipster, with powerfully thick eyeglass rims and obscure music on vinyl.

He can control the weather with his moods, and many believe the sun will go out when he passes from this earthly realm. In dark corners, whispers can be heard that suggest Brian shouldn’t be trusted to write his own bio, but they’re probably just paranoid.